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Balcony Railings (Total 6 Products)

Various products of Balcony Railings, providing product images and basic parameters with each Balcony Railings and Stair Handrail Balcony Railings; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Balcony Railings, and look forward to your cooperation!
Beautiful De...

 Beautiful Decorative Iron Balcony Railing

Beautiful Decorative Iron Balcony Railing with Powder Coated Secure-Nett Fence provide custom deck balcony railings for both commercial and residential applications, they are formed with rail, picket and fittings, with powder coated, our balcony iron railings are stylish, durable, and with function such as environmental protection, durable, moisture proof, corrosion resistant, and fireproof, following is the details. Specification of used wrought iron balc...
Min. Order:100   

 Contemporary Linear Designer Simple Balcony Railing

Simple Deck Railing with Contemporary Linear Designer Stair handrail balcony railings provide different size from the 36" or 42" rail height to fit your specific safety needs, and select from our color options of black, white or bronze. If those colors don`t suit your needs, we`re happy to do custom color matching. Our balcony railings are built to add safety, beauty, and architectural interest, for details as bellow. Specification of used wr...
Min. Order:100   
Protective B...

 Protective Beautiful Iron Balcony Railings

Protective Beautiful Iron Balcony Railings with Powder Coated Balcony iron railings are made of the highest quality aluminum construction, this balcony railings series comes in 2 rails or 3 rails, with a classic square top rail, will provide the security and statement you are looking for. Specification of used wrought iron balcony fence Rail(mm) Picket(mm) ...
Min. Order:100   
Aluminum Bal...

 Aluminum Balcony Railing Fence Iron Railing

Aluminum Balcony Railing Fence Metal Railing Stair handrail balcony railings are another option available in the market. Fairly strong, light and modern, aluminum is the perfect solution for many people. This type of stair railing is available in a variety of colors and styles and you may definitely find a type that perfectly follows the design of your balcony and home. Specification of used wrought iron balcony fence Rail(mm...
Min. Order:100   
Galvanized I...

 Galvanized Indoor Balcony Railings for Home

Galvanized Powder Coated Balcony Railing for Home Decorative Balcony Iron Railing with Powder Coated, is made of fence panel, horizontal rail and fence post , widely used in modern life. The main performance of balcony railings is protective and decorative. Indoor ornamental railing is more popular widely used in home, residential area and privacy balcony area. Specification of used wrought iron balcony fence ...
Min. Order:100   
Balcony Alum...

 Balcony Aluminum Deck Railings in Picket

Balcony Aluminum Deck Railings in Picket and Privacy Balcony Iron Railings in Picket and Privacy, is made of fence panel, horizontal rail and fence post , widely used in modern life. The main performance of modern ornamental railing is protective and decorative. Balcony iron railings are more popular widely used in home, residential area and privacy balcony area. Secure-Nett Fence offers a complete line of pre-built, stair railing systems...
Min. Order:100   

Balcony Railings

Balcony railings refers to the wrought iron railing, are know as their beauty and stronger, made of zinc alloy material, available in different designs and colors, and can be used based on city and local codes related to building heights.  Steel balcony railing a perfect solution to the shortcomings of traditional guardrails, and affordable, alternative to the traditional balcony railing material.

balcony railings


Height: 600-1200

Gap in between the posts: 1000-1200

Gap in between the pickets: 120

Post: 32*32, 40*40

Picket: 19*19, 25*25


1. Assembled panel, no welding job, only connect panels with fittings

2. We offer expert advice according to your condition

3. Detailed installation instruction available


1. Powder coated makes balcony railings better durability and anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

2. Easy for installation.

3. Long lifetime, with special surface treatment, the balcony railings, can use 20-30 years at least.


a.Traffic road control, Road isolation belt, Limit vehicles.

b. Concert, Outdoor activity, Sport ground.

c. Highway, Public activities for crowd control .

d. Temporary isolation 

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